The most emotionally charged arguments of all time...

Apple vs Samsung

Nicki vs Cardi 

Nigerian Jellof vs Ghana Jellof (Is this a rhetorical question?)

Pomo vs Shaki (Meat delicacies) 

Now, we have possibly the most anticipated boxing match of our generation


These two fabrics have the ability to turn an ordinary outfit into something fit to party with the queen in but lets look at it more deeply. Since we agree they have a similar degree of power to elevate your outfit, why would you chose one over another (photo below is me in deep thought on the matter lol)

Durability: A sequin dress might not survive a year or 2 in a suitcase, you are guaranteed to have missing pieces even if left untouched. Metallic on the other hand will stay put.

Value for money: I haven't seen a significant difference in the price of both these fabrics but missing sequins will mean you need to discard of the outfit. This makes the sequin outfit not great value for money if only worn a few times.

Day time use: I usually avoid outfits that can only be worn in the day or at night. I prefer to get pieces I can wear as often as possible regardless of the time of day. Wearing sequin in the day might be seen as weird or over the top (I would do it) but metallic on the other hand is always a good choice and transitions easily from day to night.

So I guess it is no surprise that I picked METALLIC as the winner of this epic fight but I am rocking a sequin skirt here which I love. I only have a few sequin outfits.

Before I tell you more about my favourite pieces for the season -let me introduce you to my childhood friend and photographer of all photos above Mamie Eze of DstudioInc photography, she was such a pleasure to work with. She specializes in Family, Newborn, Weddings, Headshots (Personal or corporate) and lifestyle photography. She is based in London so please hit her up if you need her services

Now here are the Buttercup picks for the holiday season

Sequin dresses
1. Here 2. Here 3. Here 
Sequin skirts 
1. Here 2. Here 3. Here
Metallic dresses
1. Here 2. Here 3. Here
Metallic blazer
1. Here 2. Here 3. Here

I hope you have enjoyed my picks today. One more blog post before the new year. Have a lovely Christmas all. Until next time Buttercups. 

Did you guess it yet?... The white blazer.

Dress it up with all black errthang or dress it down with jeans, it is a must have item in your wardrobe.

Ways to dress up your White blazer

Wear it as a dress

Wear it with a sequin skirt

Wear it as a low cut top

Wear it with all black


For more semi casual looks like brunching with the girls or a casual business meeting, my favourite ways to wear the white blazer are

With light coloured denim (for a more casual look)

Or dark coloured denim for a business meeting

Or in the summer, shorts and cowboy boots will slay any white blazer

I have several white blazers, an unstructured one which serves me well with both casual and more dressy outings. Below I was on holiday and on my way to dinner, light enough not to boil but enough to keep me warm in an air conditioned restaurant

I also have a Tuxedo-like white blazer which honestly is my most used, it dresses up the modest jeans and t-shirt outfit very well. The tuxedo blazer can go from casual to dressy in one swipe. Check out my wedding guest outfit below

Finally my structured white blazer which I use quite often always makes a statement. It tells people that you have style and you are not afraid to show it.

Monochrome has been something I frequently wear recently, with the outfit below, I wanted it bold with shapes and textures. The white hat finished the outfit nicely.

My favourite white blazers online today

My structured blazer above here

Another structured blazer Here

Tuxedo blazers



Here (love)

Here  Jumpsuit but who cares, I love it!

Unstructured blazers



I hope you start your white blazer journey soon and become a blazer connoisseur.

Until next time buttercups

$100 and a Jord watch give away. Follow link here to win

I am always on the lookout for something unique, sophisticated and most importantly one that fits with my style. It is a tough job I tell you. When curating your personal style, it is easy to jump ship from one style (ie Sartorial to street style) to a complete opposite because you have seen something you like on somebody else. This can be more damaging than an enhancement to your style as there is nothing worse than conflicting pieces in your wardrobe.

Unique women's watches

While my style is diverse, I have complementary and not conflicting style and I make sure every piece can be dressed up, down and across styles. This was my exact thought when I came across Jord watches, I loved this piece because it was unique and it will definitely carry from one outfit or another seamlessly.

I have found myself taking off my accessories when I go from day time to a night time look because they just do not match the outfit but the Jord watch doesn’t give me that issue in the slightest, I rock it with EVERY outfit without a second thought.

The Jord watch is certainly a talking point in any gathering; it is a conversation starter with its sleek and sophisticated design. I cannot speak more highly of it. Do not underestimate the power of your accessories in making an outfit pop, make you accessories fun, simple and sophisticated and incorporate it into your personal style.

Get yours here

Thank you for reading

Fashion week holds a special place in my heart. I shot fashion week as a street style and back stage photographer for 2 seasons in a row before I hung up my camera to focus on my blogger life. You can read my blog post on my first time shooting street style at fashion week here. This year attending fashion week was a tough choice because I wanted to spend some quality time with my family, it’s increasingly difficult with conflicting schedules to get us all in the same place at the same time. I decided a week before that I would indeed attend to get some inspiration for up and coming projects that I am looking at starting soon.

So there I was flicking through the internet, searching, perusing and refreshing every single street style photographers’ Instagram page to get some inspiration on outfits to wear for the gruelling 4 days ahead. To my utter amazement *insert shock horror emoji*, I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR! I went into panic mode, questions running through my head ‘what online stores do next day delivery? what is my budget? (forget about eating for now, that is not your priority), and how far am I willing to take these outfits?

I was up till 1am in the morning staring at my wardrobe like an unfaithful partner -getting the silent treatment instead of a full blown ninja cat face scratch and eye gorging combo. I let out a deep sigh and drank a bottle of cider (which felt like gin at the time) before retreating to bed. That same night I kid you not, I dreamt of a yellow bag, it was small and boxy and cute with a long handle dangling down one side, I was being photographed by what seemed like a thousand photographers from all angles then I woke up and typed into google ‘yellow boxy bag’ to remind me of the dream before I went back to bed. I know what you are thinking ‘she is hard core’, Well, let’s just agree that this has happened to me many times before and I am not phased anymore by vivid dreams of my inner spirit fashion animal. A Nigerian parent would probably respond the narration of your dream with ‘If only you took your books as seriously as you take your outfits… *rolls eyes*’. I woke up with a feeling of contentment and I had no explanation why as I had forgotten my dream completely as you do 9 out of 10 times unless it is a dream of someone gifting you a Chanel Metallic Caviar chevron Quilted in silver (Subliminal messages…did it work? My Birthday is in December by the way).

On my way to work, I opened my browser and I saw ‘Yellow boxy bag’ in the search window and it all came flooding back to me. I felt elated and to my surprise, that high lasted a good 2 minutes and 41 seconds before I realised ‘What the hell am I supposed to do with a tiny useless yellow box bag for all 5 days of fashion week’, I was back to square one, cold sweats, palpitations, blood shot eyes and now pulling my sweater away from my neck to allow some fresh breeze to hit my burning neck, It was a sight that any zombie would see and be proud to call me their own.

Phase two, I began to try harder to remember the outfit in my dream, God didn’t bring me this far to let me go now, there must have been something to hold on to, something to remember, NOTHING. All I remember was that crazy yellow bag that was now stalking my memory like a useless rap song with a catchy chorus. So I went back to the internet (whatever did we do before the internet, I do not know). Four hours and half of my working day later I decided on some strategies

1. I was NOT under any circumstances buying anything new. I have two wardrobes and a room full of clothes; I will make it work out for me. This was a hard but the most important decisions I made so far because it forced me to use my existing wardrobe reducing the risk of over trying to be like somebody else. My existing wardrobe are pieces I love and I can surely make it work for my good.

2. I wanted to challenge myself a bit and being the queen of colour, I decided to go monochrome for the entire fashion week. For every colourful outfit that was posted on the gram from New York fashion week, a bit of my inner colour child faded with disdain at my utter betrayal of self and style. A challenge issn’t meant to be easy right? So I stuck to my Monochrome!

3. Lastly I wanted to make a social statement with at least one of the outfits and did so with my show of support to the Nike ‘Just do it’ campaign and my baby gurl Serena. I did that with my Day 1 and day 3 outfits successfully and made sure I told every photographer my exact intention so that it was put in the caption. Spread the word.

4. The stage was set and I was ready to go, not before I put on my flats or kitten heels to eliminate the risk of falling on my face in front of the thousands of photographers I saw in my dream (I guess that was the message after all, darn you yellow boxy bag).

We were off. See below for outfits and how I put them together. It was a great week and I look forward to.


Skirt Asos here or here Blazer similar here Boots Primark similar here

Gingham coat here or splurge here

Stripe suit similar here or here

Earings @byopaleye (Instagram)

Nike top here

Wide leg trousers here

Blazer here

Shorts here

Boots similar here

Sunglasses here

Until next time buttercups. See you in Milan.

Yes! You heard it right, I DO NOT LOVE MY HAIR! I never really did for reasons unknown but the big chop was four years ago and I have never looked back.

Going natural was a health choice for me, not for other reasons like being 'proud' of my hair and heritage. I didn’t want chemicals hitting my scalp every 8 or so weeks for the rest of my life like it had for the many years before. As long as I remembered pre-natural stage, I had long, straight, relaxed hair. I do not know exactly when I got my first relaxer but a photograph on my 4th birthday saw my mid back length bone-straight hair flowing like the goddess Aphrodite who just took sight of a sailing ship with 200 hot men aboard. It is safe to say my hair got relaxed in my 3’s (Mum, expect a call from Jerry Springer ASAP).

Relaxing my hair was a way of life for me but in the wave of afro power natural hair revolution that has swept the nations in the last decade, I thought about going natural many times but I resisted. I resisted because for the 9 months I was pregnant with my son I didn’t use relaxers and my mixed textures nearly sent me to a mental asylum. I worried about going natural, about the management and styling of my hair  and many more issues I might come across. I had nine months of undergrowth and unkempt hair and the day after my son was born, my mother stood in front of me with a bowl of relaxer and a steely determination similar to a family intervention for a person on crack cocaine. The look on her face said it all “You look crazy, sit down let me restore your factory settings” (somewhat).

Fast forward two years later, I decided to go natural a few good years after many people around me had dumped the creamy crack and preached to me often about joining her natural hair CULT (as I saw it at the time). I went for the big chop immediately, no transitioning, no thinking about it because I have never had sentiments towards my hair.

When I say I don’t love my hair, it is true! I DID NOT love my relaxed hair, I don’t love my natural hair. Hair to me are just dead cells that exist so you can enhance, style up and look cute, it is a platform for styling and nothing else. My hair grows fast and long and thick but I hold no value for it. When people complimented my long hair, I shrugged and thought “If only they knew what I plan for this hair in the next few months”. I chopped and the drop of a hat, I coloured one day and changed the colour the next , I bleached, and get this… I NEVER TIED A BONNET TO BED (moment of silence for my hair please). Kids do not try this at home!

My disregard for my hair started young. I remember when I first got admission to a catholic boarding school at the age of 10, we were required to cut our hair short before the first day of school. As soon as I heard I got admission, a few months before resumption to school, I went to the barbers BY MYSELF  without the permission of my mum to cut my hair, the barbers sent me back to my dismay even after flashing my dalla dalla bills to entice them. The following weeks, I would bug my mum endlessly about cutting my hair, she gave in and I was back at the barbers with my permission slip to get my Samson locs annihilated forever never to return. I stepped out looking fresh, came out of the barbers skipping and singing all the way home, I was so happy. Very unusual for a 10 year old but I was fed up of  long relaxed hair and wanted something different.

These days, everyone is expected to go natural otherwise you must be ashamed of your heritage or you don’t love yourself. LIES! Some people just couldn’t care less. Hair means different things to different people. My hair has never defined me, it has never made me feel ugly or pretty, it has never held significance on how I felt about myself.  So when I see people that have their natural hair constantly covered under wigs, I let them be, It's ok. I don’t label it as self-hate, they just don’t love their hair just like they might not love their feet or their booty, hair is just another anatomy that you can love, like, hate or feel indifferent about. Hair might mean the world to some people but mean nothing to others. This is my stance on the matter. Everyone has just gotta do you. I think I am loving my hair this week but next week will be another story for sure. I don't love my hair but I like it right now.

Until next time buttercups Peace and Love

About this outfit

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