Champagne life over just like that *snaps fingers*, why do bad things happen to good PIPO 😭. With my holiday over, which I have solid proof that I had just 14 hours in a day as opposed to the 30 hour days I have when I have to go to work, we had such a great time in Paphos, Cyprus. We stayed in the most gorgeous hotel that catered to families so well that I couldn't really stay anywhere else without judging them and their lack of soul for not catering to kids. The holiday with friends and their families was the very best I think I have had in all my life.

While we were here to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in the same hotel we got married in and had our honeymoon, it was a special time for my friends and me when we looked back 10 years ago and saw how much we had grown spiritually, professionally, emotionally and financially (do I hear an AMEN). Also, to see our children who didn't exist 10 years ago playing, laughing and having conversations just filled our hearts with so much joy.

Having visited Paphos twice before I knew what to expect with the climate, culture and the general feel for the place. That knowledge helped me greatly when I started putting outfits together. Paphos is a liberal town and it is very tourist oriented so really little was out of bound when choosing outfits. Some strategies I applied

- I packed day and night outfits for every day I was away. Dinner is always a special time to bond with the family, and where there is live music I will have a dance with my two left feet 😂 so I make dressing up part of the special occasion. I always pack spare just in case I have a wardrobe malfunction like this actually happened on my holiday where my zip popped and I had to substitute my outfit for a spare. I chose trousers and a blazer for climates where it is cooler in the evening so I don't ever regret alfresco dining. Lastly, I opted for loose clothing for comfort and to hide the belly after stuffing my face 😂. Here are some of my outfits below.

( I obviously have a good side and I am not afraid to show it 😂).

- Daytime outfits are pretty easy wear. One pair of denim shorts and one pair of tailored shorts with loose cotton tops for max comfort. The simplicity of the outfits calls for accessorising. I like to accessorise with earrings.

Moral of the story, pack many statement earrings and bracelets that would uplift any outfit.

The pool/ beach style. This is an area that is often overlooked. I had to up my bikini game when I went on holiday to the South of France last year and 60 something-year-old women were giving me a run for my money in the bikini game. This time I packed a different bikini with accessories for every day and realised I spent a lot of time in swimwear so I secretly patted myself on the back for making that call.

Some of my favourite pieces to consider when going on a beach holiday with very warm weather


clockwise here, here, here and here 


clockwise herehere, here and here

Prints are big this summer, these are my favourite pieces clockwise here, here, here and here


Lastly evening wear. nothing over the top, simple but elegant, here are some dresses I love for holiday evenings clockwise here, here, here and here

Swimsuits vs Bikini, which one are you i.e Bikini bod or Bikini bod under construction. I am a swimsuit person the be honest, I like to be modest but it is a personal preference. This is an area always neglected for some reason, get your swimsuit game strong this summer. Top tip, white is doing it for me this season

here and here

In summary, key strategies/ checklist for someone going to a beach holiday for 5 days

  1. Pack six daytime outfits mix it up with prints and stripes and make most of your outfit separates rather than maxi dresses or jumpsuit, pack shorts and tops and then one or two dresses so you can mix and match.
  2. Pack 4 evening outfits, do not go over the top, you are not going to a presidential dinner. make sure it is comfortable and breezy, I try to avoid tight clothes too.
  3. Do not dull with swimsuits, pack one for each day you are there with matching accessories too. Who said swimsuits are for getting into the water only? its also for looking pretty walking from your lounger to the pool bar and back again (repeating 100 times a day).
  4. Get cover-ups to complement your swimsuit.
  5. Try on every outfit (and photograph in the mirror) before you put it in the bag otherwise, you will end up taking things you don't like and things you will not wear.
  6. Start packing a week before not the night before otherwise how do you know what to order last minute before the holiday.
  7. HAVE A GOOD TIME. Make the streets of your destination your catwalk.

I hope these have helped. If you have any questions, hit me up. Until next time buttercups.


The Met gala, the most glamorous ball ever hosted in the history of fabulousness. Although people look at it as a costume ball, I see it as a way for designers to push themselves and create avant garde for us commoners to drool over. The theme this year

Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination

It already sounds like a thesis waiting to get an A*** plus a noble peace prize all in thesame day. When I heard the theme I was excited but then I expected everyone to carry a pope on their arms like Nicki did in the 2012 Grammies

But this was not the case. The only pope that showed up in a real and awesome way was Rih boo biscuit (take my jellof rice), all others that attempted a pope outfit just ended up looking like Parish priests and Jesuits that Latin is hard for them because their mother tongue is Ijebu Yoruba.

I noticed certain themes in this year's Met. The Pope and her subordinates, the angels, the cross wearers and the people who couldn't be bothered (aka demons and kill joys) 😂

If I go by themes, I think the Angels won this one except of Katy Perry, Katie, see me in my office straight away, kneel down and hands up before I get there. The Angels were elegant and had so much detailing in the gowns. You just know there were 300 elves sewing on beading, feathers and textures for the last 365 days since the theme was announced. To all elves around the world, your contribution to fashion is appreciated.

Then the pope and her man dem who to be honest this whole category was carried by queen Rih.

Then you have the slays with the cross on the garment. Both the men and women pulled off the look and it was a delight to see, although the cross is more simplistic than the feather detailing of the angels but JLO, thank you for coming through for the rest of us and helping us believe that a body after 40 can be as firm as new yam in the middle of December.


Then we had the people who will definitely miss heaven because they cant take simple instructions. These are not the worst dressed, inshort I love some of these looks but St Peters must make them do frog jumps before they are allowed through the pearly gates, I am sorry.


and finally my best and worst dressed

Worst dress Has to be Amal Clooney. I just didn't get this outfit. Warris this please. Amal you look gorgeous and have a lovely figure even after having twins (bish 😏) but you gotta do better.

Rihanna- Best dressed. Rihanna always slays but it is not about Rihanna, it is about this massive contribution to fashion. This outfit is pushing the envelope, breaking boundaries, giving us the best fashion can offer in terms of shapes, detail, movement and an outright spectacle to look at. Rih carried herself well and wore this garment like no one else. I love her for this. Best dressed at the Met gala 2018 none other than Rihanna Robyn Fenty.

She served face, she served mystery, she served attitude, she even served cleavage, the only thing she didn't serve was jellof rice and goat meat but I can live with that. All hail Rih Rih.

Until next year Buttercups. I will be on the red carpet at the Met gala 😂

I have been a member of "summer body gang" since my university days. Over the winter I always seem to pack on the weight and shed it over the spring (quite easily). But NOOO, not this time, I am carrying some 5 kg (11 pounds) around the place like a plate of hot jellof rice and fried plantain. The problem with me is that I love food! I will cross oceans for food, like literally I have crossed the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans for food. I will never travel anywhere if the food wasn't good and I pick the food before the destination EVERY TIME. So when people say to me "weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise, I seriously question every aspect of our relationship, like what do we really have in common? Is this friendship even worth the hassle.

The 20% on the other hand has never been a problem for me. I was sporty person right from childhood. I am not afraid of going hard in the gym or going for an early morning run, exercise is not my problem, food is! So now that I have decided it is time to take control and lose the weight, I have put certain controls in place to help with this. These are tips from famous you-tubers that I will incorporate the next few weeks to help my efforts

  1. Intermittent fasting. This is when you fast for some parts of your day and have only a small window to eat daily. Some people do 16-8 or 20-4, when you fast for 16 hours of the day and eat for 8 hours or you fast for 20 hours and have an eating window of just 4 hours. Don't be alarmed, your 16 hours of fasting includes the time you are asleep as well. So typically I would have my last meal at 6pm and first meal the next day at 10am. It doesn't sound so bad now right? I have used this system before to lose weight and it is very effective.
  2. Fasted Cardio. As the name suggests, you do a cardio session while in a fasted state in the morning. I have been doing this for years but now I want to up my game for longer sessions and frequently. Studies have shown that this burns more fat than cardio after eating a meal.
  3. Make your body a burn machine. So rather than waiting on a gym session or a perfect time to exercise, why don't you burn calories all day with your regular activity. Walking a longer distance to work, climbing every stairs you come across, going for a lunch time brisk walk. These could burn up to 500 calories a day rather than 350 calories for a 30 minutes cardio session in the gym.
  4. Lastly, I am going to replace one meal with a low calorie shake and drink 3 liters of water a day.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (plays suspense music). Please wish me luck guys and watch me burst out of the sea like Halley Berry in Die another day in 2 months *Hair flick*


About this outfit

Red cat eye sunglasses here

Oversize shirt weekday store (old) similar here

Jeans here

Pretty little thing boots here (Only size 3 left), alternative here

  Until next time buttercups