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If i had 3 wishes, what would it be?

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I am always on the lookout for something unique, sophisticated and most importantly one that fits with my style. It is a tough job I tell you. When curating your personal style, it is easy to jump ship from one style (ie Sartorial to street style) to a complete opposite because you have seen something you like on somebody else. This can be more damaging than an enhancement to your style as there is nothing worse than conflicting pieces in your wardrobe.

Unique women's watches

While my style is diverse, I have complementary and not conflicting style and I make sure every piece can be dressed up, down and across styles. This was my exact thought when I came across Jord watches, I loved this piece because it was unique and it will definitely carry from one outfit or another seamlessly.

I have found myself taking off my accessories when I go from day time to a night time look because they just do not match the outfit but the Jord watch doesn’t give me that issue in the slightest, I rock it with EVERY outfit without a second thought.

The Jord watch is certainly a talking point in any gathering; it is a conversation starter with its sleek and sophisticated design. I cannot speak more highly of it. Do not underestimate the power of your accessories in making an outfit pop, make you accessories fun, simple and sophisticated and incorporate it into your personal style.

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I can write a  whole paragraph about this post but I bet you will just skip right past it to get to the juicy bits. I will not waste your time, things are selling out fast so please get to it now FROM COAST - Wedding season starts in April so stock up on dresses. Up to 50% off. Highlight: Half price on most gorgeous dresses   FROM VERY.CO.UK Up to 50% off. Highlight: Lots of brands to choose from for half price   RIVER ISLAND. 50% off. Highlight: Many casual dresses you can buy and keep till summer where you can proudly wear them as vintage pieces lol ZARA. Sale but not much of a discount knowing the arrogance of Zara (rolls eyes). Highlight: Key pieces to add to your wardrobe. SELFRIDGES for the people who want to splurge. Up to 50% off. Highlight: Many designer sunglasses and watches on sale. Trolling thousands of items just to get the best deals for you guys ?.Until next time buttercups

While we are still trying to get our head round the American imported concept of black Friday sales, let's not ask too many questions , a deal is a deal. Lets look at best buys of black Friday and the shops that have obviously made this a chore ?. I have trolled the Internet to find good deals. I had a plan, a plan so good even the Roman army would be jealous. my plan 1. Start with American shops , Banana Republic, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus  2. Sort sale items according to need. So I particularly needed tops and long lasting style like turtle necks and ankle boots  3. Find myself a good coat  4. Shop  Some sales were really good (70% off). Matches fashion (high end) and Pretty little thing and Newlook (high street) really impressed me, I nearly lost my damn mind looking for steals for you guys.  H&m was extremely disappointing, their website looked like a rack of old smelly summer washed out clothes *next plix*. After hours of trolling (don't thank me), I have some of my favs below. From top to bottom (click to know more) DVF trousers are just bae from matches fashion  Sara Battaglia bag, did anyone say tassels  Isabel Marant jacket yes please  Joshua Sanders Mesh bow slip on I have been eyeing this for a while now  newlook cold shoulder jump suit  newlook knot mules  Prettylittlething ankle boots  PLT jumpsuit  PLT ruffle blouse  PLT front slit velvet trousers Happy shopping and get what you need. Too much choice is not always a good thing ☺. Until next time buttercups.  ?

Every year when Wimbledon comes along and my mates are sipping champagne and eating strawberries on centre court, I am out in the shops searching for a new tennis racquet to buy, "this is my year to take up tennis" I tell myself, "I am never too old to be a champion", after all Serena is a good 5 years older than me *straight face*. This year at the ripe age of 25, I decided to give up my dreams of becoming a champion and focus on practicing my centre court style for the year I will finally purchase a ticket to see the tennis action in SW19. I decided to break out the good old shirt dress for this practice run. The shirt dress has been  solving women's fashion dilemmas since 1892. The shirt dress is an absolute classic, if you don't have one of these in your wardrobe, please invest in one. There are countless styles and countless ways to wear them. My look below is a simple look, you know that "I just hammered look", "I hammered and I am rich so I can't be bothered look" lol.                      Boat hat- Camden town £10 Sunglasses- Asos £10 Shirt dress- TK maxx £24.99 Watch - Nixon £100 Leather shorts-Asos £34.99 Shoes - just fab £35 Bag- Primark £6 There are so many styles of shirt dresses to choose from, I hope this helps you make your decision easy. THE PRINT SHIRT DRESS THE DEMIN GANG THE MAXI SHORT DRESS SAFARI TINS THE CHECKS THE ASYMETRIC SHIRT DRESS THE STRIPE LOVERS TAKE IT BACK TO THE 50's If you want to know more about where to get these shirt dresses let me know I will dig deeper for sites and prices. In the mean time decide on your weapon. You will be wearing this for ages year after year. Until next time buttercups. Muah.

I kid you not when I tell you that every lunch time at work I go to burberry website to check on my babies (B and C in the photo below).  If I had three wishes I would wish for three items below  or since I used pic stitch do you think this will pass for one wish? lol *evil laugh*   A. Alexander Wang pebble leather bag B. Burberry  print trench coat C. Burberry crop trench coat Off to go check on my babies again, see if Burberry is treating them right or if they want to come home to mummy.